We’re Saving Fashion Lovers From Expensive, Imported Clothes’

In this edition, The Vortex correspondent Blessing Aseminaso speaks with Onome Okie, a 28years old fashion designer from Delta State, and the CEO of Sophyres Couture. A graduate of Office and Information Management, from Niger Delta University, Okie attended Martwayne fashion school, and as expected, rocks her own designs.

How long have you been a fashion designer?

I was practically born into fashion designing. Virtually everyone in my family is a professional designer especially my mum, whom I picked a lot from. Nevertheless, I officially started my brand in 2016 after my National Youth Service Corps.

Do you design basically Nigerian fabrics?

I work with all kinds of materials, not just Nigerian fabrics. Nigerians fabrics are cool and valued abroad. However, there are certain designs that require foreign fabrics, so I do both.

What inspired your drive for fashion designing?

I’m a designer not because I was born into it, but because I’ve always had eyes for fashion. I love good wears and there’s this immense joy and satisfaction I feel when I make people look good.

Who’s your role model?

I have quite a number of role models but Toju Foyeh is one designer that inspires me in the Nigerian fashion industry. She’s a lawyer, as well as an award winning designer whose works have graced various prestigious magazine covers like This Day Style, Genevieve and others.

What has been your experience?

The experience has been awesome and exposing. I’ve seen what fashion was years back and what it is today. I can confidently say that in a very short time we are going to pull fashion all the way.

How has competition influenced you?

I don’t really see people as competitors but myself, I want to do better. I see what others are doing, and then create something better and different. Something that people would love to patronize.

Why did you choose fashion designing over your academic profession?

I love to be an entrepreneur; I’ve always not been interested in waiting for white collar jobs. I don’t think I can derive the joy I get from what I do as a fashion stylist. You have no idea what it means to create a design and it comes out perfectly. Besides, I get paid for my services.

Where do you see your clothe line three years from now?

I see my clothe line going global. Nigerians are fond of importing clothes, when such clothes can be made here. One just needs to have the right fabrics and machines. As far as Sophyre Couture is concerned that is our goal. We intend to get every necessary materials that will enable us design as well as produce even better clothes, to save fashion lovers from the stress and expenses of importing clothes, since they can get them here at same quality but cheaper rates.

Clues about colours selection and matching

In choosing colours, the skin tone of individuals, the mood (occasion) and intended styles, have to be is considered. This is because certain colours are definitely a ‘no-no’ for certain designs. Fair persons should avoid extremely sharp colours. For instance, peach and emerald green dresses are two perfect colours that will definitely look great on fair skins, whereas a royal blue dress would be a ‘yes’ for dark complexions.

Suitable clothes for different occasions

Work –  Always wear something formal and smart for work. Avoid excessively   bright colours.

Weddings – A gorgeous flowing gown or a decent short dress would be perfect for weddings. However, avoid being excessively dressed, as not to steal the occasion.

Dinner – A simple long dress or something sexy but not whorish will be perfect for dinner outings.

Casual – You can either go on a short dress, a short and a top or smart jean depending on how casual the occasion is.

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