Rivers AAC/APC Evil Alliance: Folly Of Illogical Reasoning And Destructive Politics

It is true that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is not on the ballot for the Governorship and State Assembly elections in Rivers State. But it is obvious that the party is neck-deep in the electoral process through key security agencies and their association with African Action Congress ( AAC), the party they adopted to rob the mandate of Rivers people.

But for the vigilance of Rivers people across the 4442 Polling Units of the state, the country would have witnessed the worst political robbery on the continent of Africa.

That Rivers people will emerge victorious in the coming days is a function of the power of the people, their foresight and their insistence on electing their own leaders, irrespective of state violence deployed by the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who had the tacit endorsement of the powers that be.

There is no need recounting the details of the atrocious invasion of the Collation Centres of Rivers State by the Nigerian Army for the purpose of collated results. What needs to be placed on the table is the illogicality of the antics of the Minister of Transportation and his stooges.

Here is a man caught pants down robbing his people of their Democratic Right and rather than being remorseful, he goes ahead to sponsor his stooge, Biokpomabo Awara to address the press on his behalf in far away Abuja.

What Amaechi fails to realise is that, the matter on the table is no longer between him and Governor Wike. It is no longer mere politics. But the fundamental failed attempt to use the Nigerian Army and F-SARs to unleash deaths, bloodshed and destruction of communities, simply because Rivers people insisted that they would vote a performing Governor.

I read reports of Biokpomabo Awara’s statement. It was a feeble attempt to defend Judas Is-Amaechi. It was a watery illogical contraption, full of contradictions and errant display of hatred for truth and the development of Rivers State. Rather than read that desperate Judas Is-Amaechi’s speech, Awara would have kept mute as their game is up.

In trying to defend Judas Is-Amaechi, Awara claimed that Governor Wike offered him N3Billion as inducement which he rejected. This is the most illogical statement ever made. For a man who claimed that he had won the Governorship election of Rivers State, what would be the attraction for negotiations with the supposed loser? Awara and Judas Is-Amaechi didn’t think this lie through before releasing it. A man heading for victory won’t be discussing defection. By this illogical contraption, Awara is saying very clearly that he knows that the election has been won and lost.

Beyond this point is the fact that Awara and Judas Is-Amaechi are working tirelessly to frustrate Collation and declaration of results already in INEC safe custody. Throwing around unfounded and irresponsible allegations cannot change the fact that the AAC/APC alliance has been defeated. Their Nigerian Army collaborators have since beaten a retreat and are currently on a damage control mission.

Rather than spewing trash in Abuja through Awara, Judas Is-Amaechi should begin the process of restitution. This same ungodly alliance told journalists in Abuja on Tuesday that they have submitted yet another petition to INEC, seeking the disruption of Collation and Declaration. Isn’t the facts obvious that their agents have informed them of their total rejection by Rivers people.

Awara’s running mate, in jumping ship made it abundantly clear that he took that decision in the interest of Rivers State. A man of conscience cannot be intimidated by blackmail and illogically worded press statements. Chief Akpo Bomba Yeeh has sworn to an affidavit at the High Court. He has taken an oath to prove the veracity of his allegations against Amaechi, the deadly godfather only interested in raping Rivers State. It is now left for Amaechi to swear to a counter-affidavit and file a suit to challenge the facts contained in Yeeh’s affidavit. Addressing journalists in the comfort of the cosy Transcorps Hilton Abuja will no longer suffice. This matter is now before the courts.

Let’s stay with the facts as outlined by Yeeh. We must keep our eyes on the ball. We must not be distracted by Awara the stooge. As we know it today, Amaechi plotted to rig Rivers Governorship and State Assembly elections with the aid of soldiers, policemen, DSS and FSARS. The facts as at today remains that Amaechi forced the former AAC Deputy Governorship Candidate to sign an un-dated letter of resignation. We must not forget that Amaechi also plotted to hold the financial strings of the state and make 90 percent key appointments after the ill-fated plot against Rivers State. These are the issues.

I take the liberty to quote Chief Akpo Bomba Yeeh. This is because his affidavit is now a public document. According to Yeeh “In adopting the AAC, Rotimi Amaechi emphatically assured us that he was going to fund and do every other thing under the sun to give us victory at the polls.
He further disclosed to us that he had already assembled security personnel drawn from the Nigerian Army, the Police, Department of State Security (DSS) and Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS) to provide adequate security cover and enablement for members of the AAC and APC to effectively rig Governorship election and have us declared as winners come March 9th 2019″.

Yeeh further averred: “The adoption and promise to deliver the AAC, was however, not without conditions that conferred de facto governance to the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi:
• First, he must be the one to appoint ninety per cent of all political office holders, including commissioners, special advisers and chairmen and members of Government Boards, Agencies and parastatals;
• Second, he must be the one to nominate and produce all the 23 Local Government Council Chairmen and other prirrcipal officers of the Councils;
• We, that is, Engineer Biokpomabo and my humble self must consult and take instructions from him on all financial, policy and fiscal matters, as well as the award and payment of contracts and other financial transactions upon our inauguration as Governor and Deputy Governor of the State”.

The above are very weighty and fundamental issues. They cannot be swept under the carpet through an illogical press conference addressed by the stooge of Judas Is-Amaechi. Nigeria has grown beyond illogical press statements. It has grown beyond propaganda hatched with the help of Federal Might and emboldened by agencies of State Violence. The results are known to Judas Is-Amaechi, Awara and their associates within the Federal Might Company. This is why they are working desperately to frustrate the legal Electoral Process. They have failed woefully.

To attach any importance to the illogicality of Awara and Judas Is-Amaechi is to join in their dance of shame. To even discuss it, is to disrespect Rivers people murdered in cold blood by rampaging soldiers who operated under the direction of Judas Is-Amaechi.

It is on record that Amaechi is no longer politically relevant in Rivers State. Since he defected to the APC, he has not won a single election despite the Federal Might at his disposal. A man who cannot win a election for himself, how on earth can he promote another candidate to victory. Let alone a candidate who never campaigned and is unknown to the state. Even in the APC, Judas Is-Amaechi lacked the political strength to administer the mechanics of control. Judas Is-Amaechi is a media creation and he is sustained by propaganda. In Rivers State, there is no Amaechi or APC.

If APC could not make in-roads into any South-South or South-East States, how could it have made inroads into Rivers State, the Headquarters of PDP. Though, we do not expect Federal Might to bring Amaechi or his rampaging soldiers to justice, they should for once admit that “Breeze don blow and fowl nyash don open”. The truth about Rivers State is known.

Bomba Yeeh has admitted to the truth and it will be confirmed by INEC.
I will leave you with the truth as confessed by Chief Akpo Bomba Yeeh:
“The collated results further showed that contrary to the false claims of fictitious lead by the APC/ AAC alliance, the PDP overwhelmingly won across all the elections in 18 out of the 19 Local Governments Areas, culminating in the declaration and return of the party in 26 State House of Assembly constituencies by the Constituency Returning Officers. This fact was confirmed on the 13th of March 2019, when INEC stated, as a matter of fact, that it had in its safe custody collated results for 17 Local Government Areas as well as the declaration and return of the PDP candidates for 21 State Constituencies.

”The outcome of the elections on March 9 2019 clearly showed the preference and direction of the people of Rivers State. Even the blind can see, and the deaf can hear the echo, that Rivers people overwhelmingly voted to stick with Governor Nyesom Wike for the next four years to encourage him to continue with the good works he has been doing to reposition the State for greatness in the last three and half years”.

When evil men gather, logical reasoning elude them. They are usually directed by their greed and selfishness. In this case, Judas Is-Amaechi the failed godfather is the ugly driving force of this tainted AAC/APC alliance that has robbed the Nigerian Army of its respect and thrown several Rivers communities into mourning. The good news, however, is that Rivers State has defeated the forces of darkness.

Rivers people have made a clear statement that no single man can determine their leader. They have chosen their leader. Awara is at liberty to dance to the discordant tunes of Judas Is-Amaechi. He will not be the first. Dakuku Peterside and Tonye Cole also walked that perilous path. It leads to nowhere.

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