Happiness, A Natural Right. Blessing Aseminaso

It is undeniable that positive experiences happen to us every day, but we fail to take full advantage of them. The world may have developed very fast but we haven’t progressed much in the aspect of happiness as negativity continues to splatter in the form of discouraging and depressing stories of individuals. But while feelings of discouragement, depression, fear and even anger are natural parts of human lives, so also is happiness.

Being happy goes beyond that huge smile on one’s face to a sense of being conscious on the choice of how to live life. Aristotle once said “happiness is the meaning and purpose of life.” It is essential because it reminds us the good in the world. This fact is the reason why happiness for the entire human family remains one of the main goals of the United Nations to seek peace, prosperity, well-being and dignity for all.

That which every one of us seeks in this world is exactly the same thing. Our every pursuit – study, work, play, write, make plans, read, etc are all to ultimately achieve happiness, that good feeling that comes from the inside.

It is true that the quest for being happy is demanding and problematic as we are on a daily basis burdened by certain obligations as well as the price for civility and society. Julia Alvaraz once said “we are dealt cards in life. Some of us get the Jacks, the Queens, the Kings and the Aces, whereas others will get the numbered cards. “Some of us will be poor, others will be rich. Some of us will be in between. Some of us will be born male, and others will be born female. Some of us are blessed with golden luck and others cannot seem to find any.

“Life is full of discovery. We realize that we have our own needs and wants. Life is full of dreams; we chase them every day of our lives. We were taught in our childhood that we were all special in our own; we have our whole lives ahead of us to find out what we were best at and that we can be whatever we wanted to be. In an ideal world, we will be able to keep all our friends, discover every aspect of ourselves, live those dreams, and become the person we want to be without any trouble. But, of course, that is not the case because life isn’t perfect. The finish line is that life is what you make of it. Life is full of happiness. It is just that the happiness is clouded by the unexpected negative.”

Trying to live a happy life is not about denying negative emotions or pretending to feel joyful all the time. We all encounter adversity and it’s completely normal to feel anger, sadness, frustration and other negative emotions as a result. To suggest otherwise would be to deny part of the human condition. Happiness is about being able to make the most of the good times, but also to cope effectively with the inevitable bad times, in order to experience the best possible life overall.

Many people see meaningful life as defined by accomplishment and success, not happiness and other positive emotions. Truth is, happiness is a tremendous advantage in a world that values performance and achievement. On average, happy people are more successful than unhappy people at both work and love. Various studies have proven that happiness is linked to productivity as happy employees tend to be more productive in regards to work performance than others.

Scientific evidence suggests that being happy may have major benefits for one’s health, as it promotes a healthy lifestyle. It may help combat stress, boost the immune system, protect your heart, reduce pain and lengthen life expectancy. On the other hand, chronic anger, worry and hostility are the reason for increased development of raised blood pressure and stiffened blood vessels in many people today.

The fundamental reason why happiness is important is that it is extremely imperative to our own goals in life as it  can help us achieve many other cherished personal ambitions, and also be a catalyst for the positive change in the lives of others.

Have you ever noticed that it could be a great day, but that it takes just one harsh word from someone or a piece of bad news to ruin your day? Have you also noticed that when someone is having a good day, everyone around them instantly feel cheered up by the smile on their faces?  Imagine a world filled with optimism and compassion. What do you see? Can it be achieved?”

No doubt the infectious ability of happiness is the reason the United Nations dedicated the 20th day of March every year to celebrate the International Day of Happiness, because we can function better, do things better, perform better, be more kind and give out more when we are happy, which is also a reminder that the world is a better place when we connect with and care about the people around us.

How do I achieve happiness? It is simply a choice. You must first realize that happiness is your birthright, as it is free and easier than you think. “Your happiness does not depend on any external condition, or factor, but is governed by your mental attitude.”

Joel Osteen once said “we never live a positive life with a negative mind.” Want to achieve happiness? “Think less, feel more. Frown less, smile more, talk less, listen more, judge less, accept more, watch less, do more. Complain less, appreciate more, fear less, love more.”

Happiness begins with you and it is only real when shared, by positively impacting others. The quickest hack to happiness is being useful to oneself and the society. You must dedicate some time out of our busy schedule to do things that make you happy, and also make other people happy because you cannot truly be said to be happy if the people with you and around you are sad. Do not forget to keep smiling daily because it is the best makeup for a bright beautiful face.

Whilst you keep your heart free from hate and your mind from worry, you must also endeavour to fill your life with love as you would be done by, to help achieve a beautiful happy nation by  driving away somber feelings of loneliness, isolation, seclusion and despair.

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