Group Condemns Violence In Ogoni

A youth group, Ogoni Youth Federation (OYF) has condemned the perennial bloodletting and destruction of property in Ogoniland.

OYF in a statement signed by its president, Comrade Legborsi Yamaabana and made available to The Vortex said Ogoniland has been turned into a theatre of war, stressing that if stakeholders to not come together and find solution to it, Ogoni could go extinct.

The body in the statement said Ogoniland as at today had become a haven for gangsters, terrorists, cultists and rapists, stressing “these miscreants terrorize the Ogonis on daily basis. Ogonis has been stigmatized, plundered by both internal and external forces,” OYF said.

The statement alleged that the destruction of human lives and property going on in Ogoniland pales into insignificance compared to the menace of Boko Haram in the North.

OYF called on all stakeholders, such as the intellectuals, politicians, KAGOTE, MOSOP etc to come together and find solution to the lingering problem.

It also appealed to traditional rulers and religious leaders to play their part to see that peace is restored in the area.

The statement made a passionate appeal to cultists and their sponsors to have a change of heart in order to preserve Ogoniland for unborn generations of Ogoni.

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