Political Parties Sign Peace Accord In Ogu/Bolo

The Chairman of Accord Party in Ogu/bolo Local Government Area, Engr. Boma Dasimeokuma has lauded the Traditional Rulers in the area for initiating a peace accord among the political parties to maintain the relative peace before, during and after the elections.

Engr. Dasimeokuma made the commendation in a chat with our correspondent.

According to him, if not for their wisdom and magnanimity of addressing the leaders of the various political parties and their supporters to see reasons why they should conduct themselves, and not to see the election as a do or die affair in the local government area by signing the peace accord, there could have been crisis and the story would have been different.

He described the Amanyanabo of Ogu Kingdom and other traditional rulers as the visionary monarchs and pledged his loyalty to them.

The Chairman expressed gratitude to God that no crisis was recorded, during the Presidential and National Assembly elections in the area and thanked the electorate and politicians for their maturity while appealing to them to sustain the tempo in the Governorship and House of Assembly elections.

On the conduct of the elections last Saturday, Engr. Dasimeokuma said it was generally peaceful in Ogu/Bolo as it was like a carnival with members of the various political parties interacting, pointing out that there was no problem as the election was free, fair and peaceful.

He scored the security personnel high as they carried out their duties professionally but called on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to normalize the challenges on the Card Readers.

He noted that in some units Card Readers malfunctioned thereby delaying the process of election.

It would be recalled that the Amanyanabo in Council and Elders addressed the leaders of the political parties of Ogu kingdom against violence, malpractices, and other related electoral offences during the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

During the meeting at the palace of the Amanyanabo of Ogu kingdom, King Nicholas Ibiebele-Nimenibo Loko IX, the political leaders were made to sign a peace accord to control their members before, during and after the elections or be held responsible should they fail on their part to control their wards, representatives or agents whose actions would cause breach of the peace and order in Ogu and its environs.

They were also required to produce any erring member of their parties or groups to the Amanyanabo- in- Council if the need arise, and that failure to forestall peace and order would be regarded as working against the entire community and the Amanyanabo in Council, adding that they would handover such person or persons to the Law Enforcement Agents for prosecution.

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