Cocaine Dad Dies Holding 8Months Son

A man died while  asleep cuddling his baby son after a 12-hour drink and drug binge.

Michael Hollingworth, 42, was found “lying lifeless” in Cleethorpes, near Grimsby, by his ex-girlfriend after a night out.

Michael, a top local DJ, had gone back to his ex’s house after spending a night with her partner, Robert Robinson, and a friend.

He dozed off cuddling his eight-month-old baby Sonnie before he was found unresponsive an hour later,

“He was telling me how he loved me, how he loved his kids. He started dozing off to sleep,” his grief-stricken girlfriend Hollie Bridgewater told the hearing. I heard him snoring , but he snored anyway. I tried to wake him up but he wouldn’t.

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