Valentine’s Day: Love Beyond Words And Sex Blessing Aseminaso

Love, they say is the greatest muse and gift of all. This perhaps was the reason for the selfless sacrifice of the February 14th love model-St. Valentine, who today is celebrated all around the world. With touch of reds and hearts, cards, roses, box of chocolates, surprise packs, fancy outings and lots more, love is expressed to sweethearts, family, and friends on this special day in remembrance of the saint.

St. Valentine’s Day was said to have begun in Rome as a celebration of the early Christian priests named Valentine in the reign of Emperor Claudius 11, when young men were prohibited from getting married for the sake of the army. Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for those soldiers and for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.

During his imprisonment, he cared for his fellow prisoners very well and also healed the daughter of his jailer; and before his execution on February 14th  269 AD, he wrote her a letter “from your Valentine” as a farewell, which remains a popular phrase till date.

The inspiring tale of Valentine evokes the essence of love, sacrifice, forgiveness and Christ-like nature for humanity. It is meant to be a day when genuine love is spread, alms are given to the needy, partners reaffirm their love, and   relationships and families are strengthened and nurtured as a way of exhibiting true Christian values.

  However the reason for this celebration has today been adulterated. The misconception by people (especially youths) to be a time for sexual and illicit acts   is one vexing occurrence. It is imperative to note that the ‘Love idol’ we celebrate stood against pre-marital sex, which was a peculiar reason for performing marriage rites for lovers despite its ban.

  It was not stated that ‘Lovers day celebration’ must end in sexual intercourse as the ultimate show of love. Besides, the notion that Val celebration connotes romantic gifts and not necessarily affection is wrong. In a society where it’s now a show of the most expensive gifts or the most exotic outings on media platforms and the likes, it has become nothing but a fancy party or better still a competition.

The huge expectations attached to this day, has marred a couple of relationships as failure to meet such expectations results in mixed feelings especially by  females  who are more on the receiving side. The pressure put on young couples to somehow ‘prove’ their love to each other is often way over the budget.

In the same vein, the erroneous belief that a day as this should only be celebrated by lovers is indeed a wrong perspective even though that has been the norm for long. Just like Valentine, it is expected that every one spreads love by impacting the lives of people around us.

Mrs Joy Gifted, a mother of two said, “people celebrate valentine differently based on their perception. It is true love connotes giving, but that is not a proof of genuine emotion or criteria for a long lasting relationship. Besides it’s not a do or die affair and that’s not all that has to do with valentine. We must show care and concern for loved ones and people around us mostly prisoners, orphans, widows, widowers, the elderly and beggars on the streets, which should be done according to our levels; I must not kill myself just to show that I love someone”.

Mr. Iyabo Babooju, a father of two, posits that “lack of moral upbringing of children by parents, is one reason for indecent behavior amongst youths on Val’s Day. The reason for immorality in our society all in the guise of love celebration is because parents no longer caution their children and some in most cases even help expose them to the inanities of the world in the name of westernization. Today, there is an outcry of immorality, corruption and so on; all these have come   because they were not handled properly from the very beginning”.

Harry Moses stated that, “Love should be celebrated everyday of every week, of every month and every year, not just today. The quality of love and kindness does not change according to the days in a year. Besides, the motive behind most people’s celebration of St. Valentine’s Day is highly questionable as in most cases it is solely self-driven”.

 “Personally, I prefer attending love seminars or talk shows on a day like this, and I encourage youths to do same as to be enlightened on love and relationships, rather than engaging in unprofitable things”, he said.

Ogumelek Brown added that “the idea of sex and clubbing on Val’s Day is totally wrong, as none of these is synonymous with love which valentine was intended for. It should be a time to reach out to neighbours, families and the needy. Moreover, it will take a reasonable person to know that love isn’t made in a day, but a continuous affair.”

“How many times do youths tell their parents how much they love them? Or what a blessing they’ve been to them? And even the married ones, when was the last time they said I love you to their spouse? These words might leave a thousand impacts than a Ross Royce,” he stated.

No doubt Love is a worthy thing to celebrate as it is a part of human existence.  However as we celebrate today, it is imperative that good morals are upheld. Only true love can heal the world and provoke the peace and harmony Nigeria so desire especially with the anxiety of general elections in the air.

To all who see the season of valentine worth celebrating with so much pomp, have the best of celebrations. For those who for one reason or another do not, have a great   Thursday.

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