‘Why Ladies Underwears Attract Ritualists’ Blessing Aseminaso

Panties, female underwears have become very attractive for ritualists to perform their magic. Nigeria has for long been faced with certain political socio-economic and security problems, as in the case of every developing country. The issue of crime and terrorism is one that has lingered in our system for decades and still exists, with increase in ritual crimes.

Money ritual activities is one troubling occurrence in the country today which is said to have existed as far back as the 70’s where human parts were sacrificed for wealth through black magic with women constituting the highest victims, and primary targets.

Recently, an herbalist identified as Amos Sulaimon, was arrested with his accomplices by the Osun State Police for possession of human head and wrist.

A more disturbing case (reported in August, 2017) was that of a suspect, Roland Peter, who according to the Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Zaki Ahmed, allegedly killed and used the intestines of his victim to prepare pepper soup.

Other cases of disguised ritualists (‘mad men’) arrested with human parts, have also been reported, where in most situations the discovered mutilated parts are often those of womens.

Why women? What makes their private organs so vital to these blood suckers? Why would people go to such length to make money? Are such practices an outcome of poverty? Can this be the reason the Holy Book says “the love of money is the root of all evil”?

These and many more questions no doubt throw multiple answers to the mind, as even prominent men of the society have been allegedly accused of indulgence in the aforementioned crime.

In recent times, such demonic quest has taken a different turn as perpetrators now interest themselves in the blood-soaked pads and pants of women in which multiple cases of the menace has been recorded in nearly every state of the nation with the highest report in Delta State, where most fraudulent practices are master-minded by “the yahoo boys” now referred to as yahoo plus. In Nigerian parlance, the term “yahoo” connotes 419ers who carry out frauds. This set of criminals are known basically for duping foreigners via internet to enrich themselves with the aid of what is popularly called “Juju”. This however has changed with time as their primary focus today is on female panties for money making rituals.

A man disguised as a woman, allegedly caught with a bag full of stolen panties from a female hostel in Ogun State College of Health Technology. According to report, the suspect who disguised himself as an ice cream seller was reprimanded on his way out, as his strange movement drew the attention of security officials.

Another case was that of an American model and dancer by name Symbaseroth, who took to her instagram page to narrate how her panties and that of her friends were allegedly stolen by a cleaner in a Lekki hotel in Lagos.

Other cases of panties collected at gun point have also been reported. These and many more troubling occurrences have no doubt instilled fear in the hearts of many especially females, who have taken to social media to express themselves. While some claim to no longer wear undies while going out, other have allegedly said to have resorted to anointing their pants (as a religious means of protection) before wearing them.

Mrs Ruth Innocent Ellah said, “I’ve heard about the panties theft and also watched it on facebook. The major reason for such is poverty, and the love of money, which has made those boys go extra mile just to live a comfortable life. The fear of such occurrence is something I just can’t express, although I haven’t heard about it happening in Port Harcourt. However, I’m been very careful as not to sundry my undies outside the way I used to.

To me, I think the remedy will be “no more pants” girls should resort to no longer wear pants because the end time is near and this issue would only grow worse. The high level of unemployment in the country is a peculiar cause of this. We can only pray for God’s help, while we as ladies, take precaution by washing our pants in the bathroom and ironing them to dry, and taking note to make sure that none goes missing.”

Miss Gabriel Dakoru said, “the stealing of female pant is something that has made me more careful in handling my pants. I’ve always not sundried my pants openly. Although, I know by God’s grace I will never be a victim of such.”

Happiness Amutadi said, “it’s no longer your money or life. My advice to women out there is to be careful, because it’s your pant or your life. I still keep my undies outside to dry after washing but I don’t fail to inspect it, as I only spread them when I’m home all day.”

In Rivers Sate however, a lady identified as Joy Ikhine was reportedly arrested at Rumuorlumeni in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, for the alleged theft of menstrual stained panties.

The suspect, who confessed to the theft, nevertheless stated in a hilarious defense that the reason for her action was simply to wash the pant “because she helps people wash their pants”.

Though terrible, this saddening discovery of women also being perpetrators of such barbaric acts, brings one to think that indeed their “soft enough” nature has long been lost to ages. For what reason would a woman who should be protecting her own, be rather involved in such crime?

Although certain security measures are in place to check mate the menace, it is also vital to stress the need for females to be cautious of how they expose or handle their wears (undies), apply a safer means of disposing used pads (such as burning), and be vigilant at all times judging from the fact that these crimes have been proven to be immense mostly during festive period and election periods such as the awaited 2019 general election.

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