Lover Wants Payment For Nine Years Courtship

A Zimbabwean woman, Auxillia Mutikinye, says she wants payment for staying with her lover for nine years and performing all the duties of a wife.

Mutikinye told a court in  Zimbabwe that her policeman lover, Reason Mabena, had tried to dump her by sending her off to her aunt’s place with the excuse that his mother, who didn’t like her, was coming to visit.

She said, “I still regard him as my husband since we have stayed together for nine years, even though, he didn’t pay my brideprice. Since we had been staying together, my parents have taken him as a son-in-law. If he no longer loves me, he should take me back to my parents in Harare and pay me for the nine years we had been staying together.”

Mabena, who initiated the case had earlier told the court that Mutikinye was threatening his life, and forcibly collecting all his money.

He asked the court to issue a protection order in his favour, so she would stop harassing him.

 He told the court, “I have been staying with Auxillia Mutikinye who has been verbally and physically abusing me. She has also been coming to my workplace to harass me. She was also forcibly taking my money and I want the court to assist me by stopping her from abusing me.”

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